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    FM Pro 11 Mac -Table Name vs File Name



      FM Pro 11 Mac -Table Name vs File Name


           Perhaps I missed something but why is the Table Name for my FM database file NOT the SAME as the File Name for this database?

           Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can render with this.


           Appreciatively, Michael 

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               And what database is "this database"?

               Though they may have exactly the same name, a file, layout, table and table occurrence are each very different things in a FileMaker database.

               When you first create a new database, FileMaker starts you out with a new table, Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? and layout named after your file. But if you later change the file name, the names of these other database objects will stay unchanged. Likewise, you can open up Manage | Database and change the name of the table or table occurrence or use Layout Setup to rename the layout and this will not change the name of the file.


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                 Many thanks Phil - perhaps this additional detail will help clarify my problem

                 When I first created my filmmaker database and entered individual records the actual operating system  filename was XXX.

                 In my layouts I had a footer field with the name "filename"   -- This returned a value both on screen (in Browse view) and in my printouts of XXX

                 Then I  later saved and renamed my file with the operating system name of YYY but subsequent openings of this renamed operating system file still returned in the browse  screen and printout XXX instead of the new filename of YYY

                 Why did FM not update the value the "filename" field returned to actually match the operating system's filename for this database?

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                   Is this a calculation field with this expression?

                   Get ( Filename )

                   If so, this should be defined as an unstored calculation field or it will not update when the file name changes. And you can't set this up as a text field with an auto-enter calculation and get it to update either.

                   But you don't actually need a field, calculation or otherwise to show the current fie name on a layout. You can select "other symbol" from the Insert menu while in layout mode to add a symbol to your layout that will display the current file name when you exit layout mode.