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FM Pro 11... Report, Summary: Total of: Balances

Question asked by AdrianWilliams on Jul 15, 2011
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FM Pro 11... Report, Summary: Total of: Balances


I have a Sub Summary Group Sorted by Product name (DES Direct, DES Franchise etc).

Body contains columns for fields:  

Client   SaleID   Item   DR_Income   DR_Expenditure1  DR_Expenditure2    DR_Balance  (...FR_Expenditure etc displays off-screen).

I need to keep a Total of the DR_Balance for each product, below the Body (on right side of Report).

I've created a Summary field 'DR_Total' and set it to hold Total of: DR_Balance: When Sorted by: Product.

DR_Total currently shows Zero, but should be showing 35000 for the DES Direct product. Is this the correct way to set this up?

I found another Post on this Forum discussing a very similar issue (FM Pro 2) , but it seems a complex way to achieve it, so I was hoping things would be easier in FM Pro 11?...