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FM Pro 12 " Not Responding" - Looking for advice

Question asked by jebber6685 on Feb 10, 2013
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FM Pro 12 " Not Responding" - Looking for advice


     I have been using FM since 1988. I never had any problems with regards to the software until now. 

     I have a PC running Windows 7 Enterprise. I have plenty of RAM and plenty of HD space and I am running FM Pro 12.0 ver 3.

     Recently ( last 2-3 months ) I have been starting FM, the typical FM box that appears often times comes up, remains white, and just remains stagnant. The icon says " FM is Not Responding" and I have to bring up Task Manager to then shut down the program. It will eventually open, but I have to try multiple times and often need to restart the computer. 

     What could be happening? Can anyone give some advice?