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FM Pro 12 Internet connection issue.

Question asked by cfunni on Nov 5, 2014
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FM Pro 12 Internet connection issue.


We currently have 10 machines running on a FileMaker 12 network. File Maker Pro 12 and Server 12. All machines use a Plugin to process credit cards. Today one machine quit processing. The error indicates it is not communicating with the Processor. After several attempts to fix it, I noticed that when I go to... Help, ...Check for updates, I get a message that states "Internet Connection Failed. Cannot check for update information"  The machine has internet connection but its like FileMaker can not see the internet. It is connecting to the server just fine. The machine is a windows XP. I am running a mix of Mac and Windows and all can check for updates and process C Card. This machine did also until today. We don't know of any changes made to the set up. Any Ideas???