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FM Pro 12 refusing to import xlsx files

Question asked by Paper_Queen on Sep 10, 2012
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FM Pro 12 refusing to import xlsx files


     I routinely download .xlsx spreadsheets from Google Docs, then import them into FM Pro 12. Have been doing it for quite some time, on a weekly basis.

     Today, on a MacBook Air (OS 10.7.4), FM is refusing to import the .xlsx file, giving me the following error message:

The selected Excel workbook has an unsupported file format. Please convert the workbook to the Excel 2007, or Excel 2008 file format and try again.

     Anyone have any idea why I'm suddenly hitting a brick wall...? Is this a disconnect between FMP and Lion? If so, how do I fix it? (Google Docs only supports the .xlsx format--not the older .xls version.)

     Sure, I could manually open a different program, convert the download to .xls, then import that into FMP, but why? FMP supports .xlsx, but doesn't seem to want to on the Air.

     Advice, anyone?

     Thanks in advance.