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    FM Pro 12 to FM GO



      FM Pro 12 to FM GO


           I have several FM databases that I have synced to my iPad and FM GO through iTunes.

           When the FM database is updated on my Mac, I'm doing the following to get the updated file to my iPAD: 1) deleting the database in the apps section of iTunes 2) re-adding the database in iTunes 3) performing a sync

           Is this the correct procedure or am I missing something that allows updated databases on my Mac to be automatically synced to my iPad?


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               This is the procedure that I use:

               1. Close all windows in FileMaker Go on your iPad:  tap the square box top left and then tap "Close All".

               2. Open iTunes and click your iPad's button at top right.

               3. Click the "Apps" tab at the top centre (Summary  Info  Apps  Music …)

               4. Click on the FileMaker Go icon in the File Sharing list at the bottom.

               5. Select the FileMaker document that you replace from the FileMaker Go Documents list on the right.

               6. Click the "Add" button.

               7. Select the file from the Open dialog list.

               8. Click the Open button.

               9. Click the Replace button.

               10. Eject your iPad from iTunes

               11. Open FileMaker Go on your iPad

               There is no "sync" unless you use third-party software like GoZync or MirrorSync (sp?).  However, you can use FM Go as a client over WiFi LAN or Internet to a hosted FM Pro or FM Server on your Mac.  In this configuration, your changes on FM Go are automatically updated on FM Pro and vise-versa.

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                 Thanks for the advice. You did save me a step!