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      FM Pro 13 & FM GO 12 not compatible


           I'm running Filemaker 13.0v3 and GO 12.0.8  As far as I know these are the latest versions of each.

           I moved a solution from the desktop to the iPad and when I tried to open it with Go, I got:  "MCR.UI.fmp12 was created by version 13.0 of FileMaker and cannot be opened by this version (v12.0).  Please use version 13.0 to view this file"

           So, is something not up to date or is FM 13 incompatible with FM Go?

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               The current version of FileMaker Go is 13.0.4.  You should download it from the iTunes App store and install it on your iPad/iPhone.  While you're at it, remove the older FM Go 12.0.8 app unless you are still using some older FileMaker Pro v12 files.

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                 If you open the file in FileMaker Pro 13, and open File Options, there's a new control where you can specify the minimum version that can open the file. This setting appears to have been set to only permit opening the file with FMP GO or Pro 13. You can change this setting to 12, but if there are features in the file that were introduced in version 13, they won't work with FM GO 12 and you'll need to update to FM GO `13--which you really should do anyway.

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                   Problem I have, I like working in FMPro 13 Advance.  But Go13 does not work on my iPad1 which I use for my recipe app.  But I am able to update and tweak my app, and continue to use in Go12.  So I am good so far.