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FM Pro 4 To FM Pro 11 - Unfuctioning Button

Question asked by DanielKriepke on Jun 16, 2011
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FM Pro 4 To FM Pro 11 - Unfuctioning Button


We have been using File Maker Pro 4 and wish to start using the newest version FMP 11 because we have updated one of are computers and it is now running Windows 7, which File Maker Pro 4 is not compatible with.

I have tried to convert our old files with the new version of FMP without any major issues, but I do have one.

One of the buttons that we would use to open another window (within FMP) does not work any longer.

I have tried to convert the FMP 4 File using the FMP 6 trial that is on this site and then convert with FMP 11, but I get an error message with FMP 6 so I do not wish to go that route. (File Maker Pro 4 to File Maker Pro 11 conversion works almost perfectly).  This file that the button would be associated with can be opened and used if opened through the Menu Bar (File>Open) but using this program everyday like we do it would become an inconvenience.

If someone would know how to fix this by either editing parameters or making a replacement button I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.