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    FM Pro 4 To FM Pro 11 - Unfuctioning Button



      FM Pro 4 To FM Pro 11 - Unfuctioning Button


      We have been using File Maker Pro 4 and wish to start using the newest version FMP 11 because we have updated one of are computers and it is now running Windows 7, which File Maker Pro 4 is not compatible with.

      I have tried to convert our old files with the new version of FMP without any major issues, but I do have one.

      One of the buttons that we would use to open another window (within FMP) does not work any longer.

      I have tried to convert the FMP 4 File using the FMP 6 trial that is on this site and then convert with FMP 11, but I get an error message with FMP 6 so I do not wish to go that route. (File Maker Pro 4 to File Maker Pro 11 conversion works almost perfectly).  This file that the button would be associated with can be opened and used if opened through the Menu Bar (File>Open) but using this program everyday like we do it would become an inconvenience.

      If someone would know how to fix this by either editing parameters or making a replacement button I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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          How exactly is this button setup? Does it run a script that uses Perform Script to run a script in the other file? or does it just use Open File to open the other file?

          How the newer versions of FileMaker handle windows has changed just enough that the window may be opening but the window may not be popping to the front and may not have the "focus" like it did in FileMaker 4. Take a look at the button's script. You may need to add a select window step to bring the newly opened window to the front.

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            Sorry i haven't replied quick enough i haven't had time to look this over.  From the looks of it the button is setup as a "Go To Related Record" script.  I have checked to see if the window is hiding behind another and this isn't the case.  It doesn't even move to the foreground when I manually open it and press the button.

            At this point I'm wondering if I should delete the button and start from scratch.  Bare in mind I that an ex-employee created this for us years ago.  So if you know of an easy tutorial for bttons I'd appericiate it.  I have searched with google and haven't found any that has stood out.

            Thank you for your help

            P.S. I think I have fixed it by making the button perform an open file script.  Hopefully this works completely and I won't have anymore issues.

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              Button behavior hasn't really changed at all. Window management and how Go To Related Records (GTRR) works have changed.

              Right after your Go to Related Records step, Add a select window step and specify the window by using the same name as the file the Go To Related Record step is supposed to open.

              A Converted File that uses Go To Related Record, almost always (except for "self join" relationships that link to the same table as the current file) refer to a table in another file and are indeed opening it in a new window. Due to a bug in FileMaker, this window may not be visible in the windows menu like it should.

              Also note, that with your new version of Filemaker, the behavior of Go To Related Record has changed in one key way: Previously, if there are no records in the related table that match to the current record, Go To Related Record does nothing. In FileMaker 4, it would have opened the file, but produced an empty found set, so you'll likely need to add a script step or two to either check for the existance of related records just before the GTRR step or to use Get (LastError) = 0 just after the GTRR step to see if the GTRR step actually did anything.