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FM pro 8 data hidden

Question asked by TMDepartment on Mar 2, 2015
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FM pro 8 data hidden


Using FM pro 8 for mac 10.04 and 10.6. Application seems to have crashed friday. This morning opened databased and database shows all records but data is not visible on the data entry. Tried:

1. Export records to xls saved 3332 existing records shows only one with visible info on each field

2. Recover function, same results database shows existing 3332 only one is visible.

When perform find set or any script I cannot see the records for the particular script even though the status area bar show for example, found 7 records out of 3332.

Tried copying text from any field on any record and does not allow paste. When in a particular record the format tab is not active. Clicked on show all records same result found 3332 but no info/data is shown on the data entry.