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FM Pro 8.5 and 11.01 freezing/hanging

Question asked by LesBerkley on Aug 25, 2010
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FM Pro 8.5 and 11.01 freezing/hanging


I have been using FM Pro 8.5 for some years. A vendor insists that I use it, but is kind enough to provide me with a licensed copy. I basically use the program as a glorified form-filler. I have a few simple databases I've created that work for me and the vendor.Recently, 8.5 (all updates, BTW) would fail to restore from the minimized state. (Vista x64, AMD 4x2.2, 8GB RAM, no malware, spyware, disk checks good). Further, I could not close it down without invoking Task Manager. (Fortunately, all my work is safe.) I tried recovering the DB I was using, but when I did, FM said it was fine to begin with.

I spoke to the vendor, and they FedExed me a copy of FM Pro 11. This worked fine for about a day, now it too is hanging, refusing to re-open the window, and requiring a forced quit. I have used FM on and off since v 2.1, and have never had problems with it. Sorry to sign up on the forum just to ask a question, but Google was no help on this.