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FM Pro 9 licensing issue

Question asked by KeithJohnson on Jan 4, 2011
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FM Pro 9 licensing issue


We have three machines using FM Pro 9. The hard drive failed on the Windows XP machine, which we use only to print ID cards, using a shared file. When we replaced the hard drive, we could not open FM Pro without getting an error stating that "someone else on this computer is using FileMaker Pro." Thinking that we used the incorrect license key, we deleted FM Pro on the Macs, uninstalled it on the PC, and reinstalled all 3 using the correct licenses. Now when we attempt to use FileMaker, we get a slightly different error message stating that we have exceeded the number of licenses. If we quit FM on one Mac we can use it on the PC, and vice versa. Since we carefully reinstalled FileMaker and used 3 separate licenses, is there some other bit of information stored somewhere that makes FileMaker believe we are using the same license on 2 different computers?

A side note: two years ago we upgraded Macs and one of the licenses would not work, and a call to FileMaker tech support gave us a new license key, which worked fine.