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FM Pro Advanced 10-scripting issue

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Feb 19, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2009 by TSGal


FM Pro Advanced 10-scripting issue




This is the second time I encountered this situation. The first time involved a long series of scripts and sub-scripts and involved several files. The script debugged just fine but returned a lot of "?"s in real time. I believe it was TsGal who suggested inserting a pause. I tried this and it worked. The pause is now defined as .1 seconds and therefore adds 1 second for every 10 records processed since the pause itself is within a loop.

    This time it's different. A very simple script in another file is being invoked by a menu item. It's being passed one script parameter. It was debugging fine but when invoked in real time nothing happened . . . no errors . . . nothing. I then inserted a .1 second pause after the first step (Go to layout) of the script involved and it works just fine. Obviously .1 seconds is pretty imperceptible especially since the script isn't recursive. I find this odd. In the first instance the script dealt with many records and complex calculations. A pause might be seen as justifiable if only to allow for the difference between processor speed and bus speed. In the second instance the script is performing a quite simple set of tasks but the .1 second pause makes all the difference.