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FM Pro and integrated graphics

Question asked by Plukkerd on Nov 26, 2011
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FM Pro and integrated graphics



I have some issues with a FM Pro based product I bought and I'm looking for some unbiased opinions. Here's the story: I recently bought a software package to help run my business. This software is based on Filemaker Pro (as I later discovered). For this software to run on, I also bought a new Windows 7 notebook, a MSI CR640. This notebook carries a 2nd generation Intel Core processor: Intel i3-2310M CPU (2.1Ghz) and is loaded with 4GB RAM. Graphics are rendered by the Intel HD Graphics 3000 that's integrated with the CPU. According to the vendor of the software package, this notebook should do the trick... The installation of the software package was done by the vendor himself but ... the product is not working properly (forms that 'hang' from time to time, empty forms that appear, scrolling through lists that make the program hang). The vendor is now telling us that the notebook isn't suitable for the software, especially the graphics engine (opposed to what he told me in the beginning). The specs of the notebook seem ok to me when compared to the requirements listed for FM Pro and for the software package. Therefor I would like to know: are there any known problems with FM Pro and the integrated graphics in 2nd generation Intel Core processors? Or is it more likely that the scripting/programming he did is not 'efficient'?

Thanks in advance!