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FM Pro can be used by novice users?

Question asked by beamer0821 on Apr 26, 2012
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FM Pro can be used by novice users?


Just downloaded FM Pro 12 trial version for my small business. I have an IT background and have had past experience in creating basic databases (like 10 years ago). I thought FM would be way more easier to use, I feel like its basically MS Access starting from scratch. Using the starter solutions are separate DB's i need multiple starter solutions to create what I need and I'm having trouble understanding what needs to be linked to what in the relationships properly. 

Am I just missing something? I thought this would be way easier. I cant even get started I have no idea what I'm doing. I dont know how anyone without any DB experience could use this product.

any thoughts? any tips on how to get started? i've googled and googled and googled...nothing real good besides be relearning DB all over again, I thought this product would help me avoid that and it would just be intuitive to use...