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    FM Pro data missing



      FM Pro data missing


           I may not be using the terminology correctly…..   Once a year around the holiday season,  I create a mailing list from the data that I store in FM Pro 12.5.  I've had the same program for about 10 years.   When I attempted to create the mailing list this year,  only the addresses appear (not the names) but only on  all the new entries made in the past year.    Thus,  the mailing list appears correctly for all the prior entries of data, but will only show the address, not the name, for any new entries of data. Any suggestions?


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               When data is missing, it could be that your database has failed to find that data. It could also mean that the data was deleted. Either case could be due to how the database was designed, used or due to something that resulted in a damaged database file.

               Without a much more detailed understanding of the design of your database and how you use it, I can't really be more specific than that.