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    FM Pro Developer vs Advanced



      FM Pro Developer vs Advanced


      I love my FM Pro 5.5 "Developer" version but I can't see where the new "Advanced" version lets you distribute your applications with a runtime the way "Developer" does.


      Am I missing something? 

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             Advanced also has the abilty to create runtime apps.
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            Thank you for your post.


            The answer from "PhilModJunk" is correct (Thank you!).  However, from your post, I can't determine if you already own FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced.  If you do, pull down the Tools menu and select "Developer Utilities...".  This is where you would create your runtime solution.



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              I don't have version 10 (most recent is 8 but it wasn't Advanced).


              I found I didn't use a lot of the new features in 8 and stubbornly have kept using 5.5.


              Upgrading to 10 is expensive. I guess it wouldn't be if you are in some kind of hotbed of filemaker development, but it has taken a long time to make my other versions pay for themselves. At the same time I would like to stay current...


              Thanks for your help! 

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                Be advised that this only gets worse over time.


                As newer newer OS versions are released for both mac and windows, more and more of the older versions of FMP fail to work on the new releases. (FMP 7 has issues with Vista for example.) The day will come when you have to replace your computer and then can't use fmp 5.5 at all as it is no longer compatible. We upgraded from 5.5 to 10 (and found there are a lot of nice new features BTW) for that reason. We new that bad is it was to upgrade now, trying to upgrade over an even larger version interval and having to do it in a hurry to avoid business interruptions would be many times more expensive.