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FM Pro for an RMA/Returns Database?

Question asked by SamClarke on Jun 7, 2012
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FM Pro for an RMA/Returns Database?


Hello all, hoping for a point in the right direction for a newbie.


The company i work for need an RMA solution, apparently they used FileMaker years and years ago, but since then, a web based RMA database was utilized, but now doesn't exsist!


My question is - we need a very basic database which holds a list of products we sell (about 50 odd), contact details for the particular customer, a section to add notes/change status of the repair, and for our engineer (based remotely) to have remote access to the system. 

Any help in the right direction would be great. I have downloaded a trial of FMPro to have a little play. I take it if it's installed on our server i should be able to share it out.


Many thanks in advance!