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FM Pro Script Not Working on IWP

Question asked by TSADesign on Aug 8, 2010
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FM Pro Script Not Working on IWP


I wrote a script which is triggered by a check box and will write a value into a related table. This works perfectly in FMP, but my client is only able to interface via the the web using IWP. She has selected many hundreds of items, all of which are reflected through the web interface, and are reflected in the table / field with a "1" as it should be. 

It would be very difficult if she (or me) had to go through and reselect each of the items in FMP, so I was thinking that I could just write a script that would search the field that is related to the check box for the number "1", then it could execute the remainder of the script. My problem is, I need a script trigger in order to fire this script, but if I do a replace Field Content Command (Command =) it doesn't trigger the script. Below is my script - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If [RFQ::Field_1C = 1]

   Set Field [Table2::Field_2A; RFQ::Field_1A]

Else If [RFQ::Field_1C = ""]

   Set Field [Table2::Field_2A; ""]

End If

---- Later ----

To further explain the issue; my client has selected 1,000s of records over this weekend using the check boxes I set up for her. The 'brute force' way of dealing with this is for me to go through FMP and deselect and reselect each check box.

I can't even tell you how much I don't want to do this. I'm really hoping somebody comes up with a solution I could try.

Thank you in advance.