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FM Pro v12 / Sage Line 50

Question asked by Harry on Aug 14, 2012


FM Pro v12 / Sage Line 50


Hello Board!


I've got a DB that i've been running on FM v12. I want to connect to our Sage Line 50 so I can extract Purchase Order data and include it in some labels and other data in the FM DB.

I want to setup a script to run it every day so that any new data is bought into the DB from Sage.

I go to File/Import/ODBC and it opens the dialog box. I can get to that point and then see the list of tables that are available from Sage. If i select the Purchase_Orders table, it doesn't show up any fields to select to query. Some of the tables have fields (or column headers as it is labelled) but most of them do not. 

Is this a problem with the ODBC driver? I don't want data to go back into Sage, I only want it to come out. Is there another way of extracting the data from that table?


Thank you for any help you can give.