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FM Pro vs FM Pro Advanced and some issues with combining old data into new database

Question asked by trend7 on Jan 8, 2010
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FM Pro vs FM Pro Advanced and some issues with combining old data into new database


Dear all,


First of all, let me thank all of you for helping me in completing my database which is not at its final stage. As a first time user of Filemaker Pro, I must say that it is really a powerful software for data management. Also the forum has helped me a lot. Many times I have searched through the forum for answers.


Now is the critical time. My database involves an invoice system together with some products and some worksheet with technical pictures, and of course clients' data. Before implementing this database system, I have been manually issuing invoices and noting down all relevant data. Because the nature of my needs require current invoive to refer to past invoice, I am therefore facing a problem. For example, after I have implemented the database system, I keyed in a new invoice but however I need to check back the past invoices which are in hard copies. I thought of therefore re-entering all major past invoices into my database system so that any new invoices and refer to the old ones easily. But by doing so means that my old invoices will have a new invoice number based on the database invoice_id and new invoice dates which are not desirable. I'm sure my case here isn't perculiar and some of you may face the same problems. How do you solve it? Do you create a new invoice number for the old invoices? Can I do something like all old invoices number will be prefix with letter "O" and all new invoices will be prefix with letter "N"?


Also my invoice_id is set to be running number beginning from 1. How can I make it such that the invoice number takes the following format:

AXXXXX for this year 

BXXXXX for next year

CXXXXX for the next next year


where XXXXX are running numbers and will be reset back to "1" at every beginning of the year?


Also previously I was using the FM Pro Trial version and it has since expired. So now I am deciding to purchase either the FM Pro or FM Pro Advanced. I looked through the website but the information is a bit unclear.


1. FM Pro Advanced allows me to create runtime application without the users having FM Pro or FM Pro Advanced installed.

Am I right to say that if I buy the Advanced version, then I can compile my database program into an application? I then can install the application into any number of computers without the users having the need to buy FM Pro or FM Advanced? If yes, will the compiled application work exactly how it performs with FM Pro Trial Version? Are there any considerations that I need to take note of when purchasing Advanced against Pro?


2. Is there any limit of applications / databases I compile using Advanced? For instance, can I create a database application for A and another for B and so on?


Thank you and I hope to hear from your advice / opinions soon.