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FM Pro with roaming profiles on Terminal Server

Question asked by Ross on Mar 16, 2010
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FM Pro with roaming profiles on Terminal Server



Does anyone have any experience running FM PRO (10) on terminal servers using roaming or mandatory profiles?


I am trying to get the optimum login speed for a user by reducing the amount of stuff that has to load when a user logs in and fires up fm pro.

As I'm running a terminal server farm consisting of several servers, each time a user logs into a new terminal server for the first time they have to go through all the 'enter username',' would you like to download the latest version' checks etc.


I want to disable these by using a Windows  roaming profile or mandatory profile that has had these settings pre-selected for the user.


I can't get it to work reliably, login speeds are seemingly random and sometimes FM Pro just crashes out entirely.


I'm using FM Pro 10, Windows Server 2008 R2.


If anyone has any suggestions or pointers I would appreciate it.