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    FM Pro x64 Compatibility



      FM Pro x64 Compatibility


      I have a client who is going to be upgrading their entire network which i was planning on having consist of a Windows 2008 R2 server along with Windows 7 x64 clients. I spoke with FM today and they said they guarentee their server to work on x64, but not their clients.

      There are a lot of x86 apps that work fine on x64 OS, however I am wondering what some of your experiences have been. There are multiple reasons I want them to have x64 clients so if this new FM Pro works on x64 without problems (Windows 7) that would be fantastic.

      Any feedback is welcome!

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          You're not the only one posting today on this subject. You might want to search down through today's posts and see what others are saying inthe other thread.

          General consensus from users in this forum is that it should work OK. FileMaker inc. won't make that guarantee as Windows 7 wasn't around when they did their certification tests for FileMaker 11.

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            Sorry about that. I did a quick search but it didnt give any results. I've been swamped and just needed a quick answer. I will try to browse through them here shortly. Thanks for the reply though.