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      We have an issue that has just come up on some of our newer laptops.  We are seeing the following error on a Dell E6410 running Windows 7, Quad core 2.4 Ghz, i5, 32 bit processor, and running Filmmaker Pro 7.  We can open filmmaker and individual databases but when we try to open a remote database we get an error message saying “FileMaker cannot share or be a client of a file because the networking stack could not be initialized”.  Any Ideas?



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          Do you have this working on any computer that uses Windows 7? You may need to upgrade to a newer version of FileMaker. If cost is an issue, you need upgrade only the machines with Windows 7 installed as both Filemaker 11 and 7 use the same file formats and thus can access the same hosted files over the network.

          You can also download the 30 day free trial to one of these machines to test and see if it works for you before actually purchasing the new version.

          If you have gotten FileMaker 7 to work with Windows 7, please chime in if you know what can be done to make this work.