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FM refuses to import number as text.

Question asked by JoeVehling on Jun 3, 2010
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FM refuses to import number as text.


I have a very stubborn database on my hands. I am using FM 10 Advanced and I need to import zip codes. In short the system was working fine, I have the field set as text. Then one of my coworkers screwed up an import from excel and imported the zip codes as numbers. No big deal I figured, we will reimport the data. However the system refuses to import the leading zero now in all cases. I can manually put it in and it will stay, the field is still set as text in both FM and the Excel file, but on import it still won't work.


I can see the work around being delete the field, then create a new one and restore the zips from a back-up, but honestly I know someone will screw up the import again eventually and would like a permanent solution for this issue.