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    FM runtime solutions and Apple App Store



      FM runtime solutions and Apple App Store


      Does anyone know if FM Runtime application solutions will be allowed in the new expanded Apple App Store? 

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          I have been trying, but running into roadblocks all along the way. Still not working, but here is the current status. 

          First, you need to create a POSIX compliant .app file. A simple Applescript can do that. 

          Next, you must copy your FM Runtime into the PACKAGE CONTENTS > RESOURCES folder of the .app file

          Next, edit the info.plist file in the RESOURCES folder - not the Info.plist at the top level - to include all the Apple App Store required elements

          Next, setting the appropriate permissions

          Next, assigning the security certificate (must be done last - any changes after this, and the security is broken)

          Next, running the productbuild command line utility to create the .pkg file. 

          This last step is where things get hung up. I am getting "not a valid bundle component" error from my definition path. Although I can build an installable .pkg file using Packagemaker, packagemaker apparently does not do the last step of producing an archive format, so it is not compatible - although it does identify a number of permissions and user/group issues. 

          So from a command perspective, in order

          Applescript to create the POSIX compliant .app file

          Apple's Property list editor, to edit the XML formatted plist file (or Textwrangler, if you prefer)

          command line tool - chmod for permissions setting

          command line tool - codesign for adding the signed security certificate you got from the Apple developer site application registration

          command line tool - productbuild to create the pkg. 

          sudo productbuild --component /Users/kirkr/Desktop/First_Tasks_First.app /Applications --sign "3rd Party Mac Developer Application: developer_name_here" FirstTasksFirst.pkgproductbuild: Adding component at /Users/kirkr/Desktop/First_Tasks_First.appproductbuild: error: Can't write temporary package to "/var/folders/zz/zzzivhrRnAmviuee+++++++++++/-Tmp-/productbuild.HA0fKC/First_Tasks_First.app.pkg" (Path "/Users/kirkr/Desktop/First_Tasks_First.app" is not a valid bundle component (using destination path "/Users/kirkr/Desktop")).

          SUGGESTIONS greatly appreciated.