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FM Scripts not running on Windows

Question asked by MikeTaylor_1 on Nov 4, 2013
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FM Scripts not running on Windows


     I have two users who cannot use ANY scripts in the database.  This is a file we've had for about 5 years.  Once a year we make a copy of the file and it's our new database for the next fiscal year.  We've never had a problem.


     I'm using FM 11.0v1 on a Mac using OSX 10.9 and everything is fine and dandy.  No issues.  Another user on a Mac is also fine.


     However, I have two users on Windows (one user on Windows XP sp3 and another on Windows 8) using two different versions of FM (8.5v 1 and 11.0 v1) who cannot run any scripts.  If you start any script, it doesn't run.  I've even tried creating simple scripts that simply change a field to "9" and they still don't run.  Yet, everything works fine on the Macs.


     The file we're using is hosted on FileMaker server and we open remotely.  I've tried also opening it locally and it still doesn't work on the Windows machines.


     It doesn't seem to be the version of FM - I'm wondering if Windows issued some patch that affected this recently.


     Has anyone else experienced anything similar?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!