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FM Server 11 VS. FM 11 for a single user setup

Question asked by IvanYazykov on Nov 17, 2011
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FM Server 11 VS. FM 11 for a single user setup



We currently user FileMakerPro v11 to make certain calculations over hundreds of thousands of rows. This exercise is done by a single person on the laptop and it takes about 20 minutes for calculation to finish. Calculation is done on the dynamic set of data imported via CSV and involves intensive use of string operations (substrings, conditions, vlookups, etc).

I reviewed description of FileMaker Server and analysed the benefits of using it, however for our situation of a single person working as described, it does not seem that we will have significant benefit deploying FileMaker Server. The only benefit I see is that server hardware would be more powerful than a laptop.

For my better understanding, could you please clarify if there will be a sensible performance improvement if same calculation is done on the same hardware (just co compare calculation itself intentionally disregarding the hardware) by the FileMaker Server 11 comparing to FileMakerPro 11.

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