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    FM SERVER 12, FM PRO 12 and FM GO 12 sound files.



      FM SERVER 12, FM PRO 12 and FM GO 12 sound files.


      I added a container to my records in my database. The container is to record a sound file. When I record my voice in that container on the client on a Windows PC, I can record and playback on all other clients on Windows PCs. But I cannot play and listen to it on my iPad using FileMaker go. My Windows PCs and my iPad's all connect to my hosted file on a Windows server 2012 R2 machine. FileMaker go on my iPad allows me to record my voice to that container but it won't allow me to play it back. I cannot play it on any of the Windows PCs. I tried all different possibilities such as internal or external storage, secure and insecure. I also tried to optimize the container for a interactive content. What was interesting is that when I inserted in MP3 file on the desktop from my iTunes library it worked across all platforms, windows and iPads. And I was able to listen to that song from my iPad container and my Windows PC container. I know that microphone sound waves are stored on a Windows PC as W MV or other windows format. Where as on an iPad they are stored as MPEG 4. I spent days to make it work but I finally gave up. Any thoughts!!

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          Audio recorded on the iPad should play on a windows computer with windows media player.  I don't have Windows Server 2012 to test, but I believe the issue is with your windows media player.  You may have to update your media player or add a plug-in to it.  A plug-in to windows media player, not a filemaker plug-in.

          I tested on a windows 7 system with audio record on my ipad and the audio played on both.  

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            Thank you for your response. The bizarre thing is that it works perfectly for the first time I log in then stops (ONLY FOR ONE ENTRY). I tried logging off then on and it did not work. I tried it a day later and it worked ONCE then stopped. I tried inserting a video taken with my iPad and it works. But it's unrealistic to do that because of the large files generated. I downloaded Window Media Player on my windows server. I read some threads that recorded sound files were not allowed in FM13 but I'm still using FMPro and FM server 12. Any other thoughts??