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FM Server Processes Starting on their own

Question asked by craig5005 on Aug 13, 2010


FM Server Processes Starting on their own


I'm in need of a bit of advanced help. 

When opening FMP A 11 I often get the old "This file cannot be shared...." and I also get the "another instance of Filemaker is running...." (paraphrased so they are not accurate).  I have found that the problem is caused by two processes that FM Server uses, however I do not have FMS installed or running.  These processes seem to start themselves and run in the background, and prevent me from properly using FMP.

The two processes are fmserverd and fmserver_helperd.  Does anyone know what is causing these processes to start, and how can I stop it?

Mac OS X 10.5.8, 2.4 GHz, FMP Adv 11, if that is any help.