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FM shuts down when accessing hosted database

Question asked by ibcarolek on Dec 14, 2012
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FM shuts down when accessing hosted database


     Our stores access a database on FM 11 Advanced Server via FM Pro 11 located on a shared server. They are authenticated via Active Directory.  There's one store who cannot open the database.  When they use a link to the database, FM starts to open and then Dr Watson kicks in, but doesn't log anything.  FM then closes.  When they try to access via FM and go to remote, the application hangs prior to showing the favorite remote servers.  It doesn't matter if we move the store to another server - the store can't access the database.  No other store has this issue via the server, so it does not appear to be software related (ie, FM Pro/Bonjour), as the software is common to all and all have access to all the software.  They are in the same AD groups as stores that can use the application successfully.  The store was able to use the database in the past.  Why can't the store see the remote database when anyone else on the FMPRO11 server can?