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FM solution presentation question

Question asked by DLW-BPEX on Dec 18, 2009
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FM solution presentation question


This is a rather broad question, so no definitive answer is expected. I just would like to hear opinions from folks dealing with a similar situation, which is:


A solution designed for workgroup collaboration, or a champion or third-party consultant who integrates and manages the information on behalf of an organization.

We started out intending to provide this database as IWP, runtime, local FM native, and hosted FM native. We are (or I thought we were) aware of the limitations of Web-published FM solutions. Still, early testing shows many more glitches than the normally expected formatting, graphics, reporting, record-committing, etc. limitations.


So... my question:

With such a solution intended for business folks to collaborate, relatively how important is the "Web published" option? How much (%?) coverage could we expect from the combination of runtime, FM local, and FM hosted? All of these being cross-platform and avoiding browser issues, it is tempting to drop the Web-published version. Of course, all but the single-user runtime option require the appropriate FM licenses/hardware -- not an insignificant expense in many cases.


We want to ensure we can support the large majority of needs with the least risk. So, if you were a small enterprise and had to decide whether or not to expend the time and effort to support a Web-based version also, what would you do? 


As I said, very broad question.

Your thoughts?


Thank you.