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FM v 12 02 Advanced import

Question asked by synergy46 on Sep 4, 2012
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FM v 12 02 Advanced import


I have building my app for quite a while.  Each version has the same import script that has worked great in bringing the data from a previous version into the new one.

In the latest version (.953) I changed a calculation field named Total_Remittance to a numeric field called Total_Paid.

At this point, FM quit importing the Total_Paid field.  I figured FM couldn't find the field because of the name change.

So, I changed it back to Total_Remittance.

But, FM still refuses to import the field.  As I step through the debugger I see the  layout with the 'new' Total_Remittance field on it.  The script executes the  import but the Total_Remittance fields are all blank.  (Yes all the other fields are imported.  And, yes, I get the same response when I import from other versions.)

Is this because Total_Remittance is no longer a caluclation field?  Why should that matter?

Your thoughts?