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FM Version Check Problem

Question asked by NaturSalus on Feb 14, 2012
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FM Version Check Problem



Within the OnOpen Script I have the  following Version Check section:


# Version Check
If [ Let ([
vVersion = GetAsNumber ( Get ( ApplicationVersion ) );
vLowAccept = 11,01;
vHighAccept = 11,99;
vTest = Case ( vVersion < vLowAccept or vVersion > vHighAccept; 1; 0 )
) ]
Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "FileMaker version check..."; Message: "Your current version, " & Get (ApplicationVersion) & ", is not
supported by this file. Some features may not be available.¶¶Open or Quit?"; Buttons: “Quit”, “Open” ]
If [ Get(LastMessageChoice) = 1 ]
Exit Application
End If
End If


The Data Entry setting ( File Options) is: Always use current system settings

User interface language: English

I am running FM 11 Pro Advanced on a PC running under MS Windows Home Premium 64-bit.

Since the OS language is Spanish the OS System uses "," instead of "." as a decimal separator.


I have used without any problem the aforementioned Version Check script in different projects on my system. However in a new project I keep getting the annoying message shown in the image attached. And I can't find any difference in the FM settings between the projects where it works and the project where it doesn't.


I have tried several things to make it work:

I have changed the decimal separator

11.01 and 11.99 instead of 11,01 and 11,99

I have removed the decimal separator

11 and 12 instead of 11,01 and 11,99


The Data Entry setting ( File Options):

Ask whenever setting are different instead of  Always use current system settings


But no mater what I do I am getting the same annoying message.


Any ideas about how to make it work?