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FM Web Publisher locks @100% CPU only for certain IWP searches

Question asked by CraigStark on Aug 25, 2011


FM Web Publisher locks @100% CPU only for certain IWP searches


I'm having some strage behavior with searches via IWP that I hope someone can help me out with:

System: FM Pro 11v3 running on OS X 10.6.8 Server (same issue happened on Pro 10v3)


- Searching for some records via a web browser and IWP causes the browser to freeze and the machine hosting this shows the FM Web Publisher thread running at 100% CPU.  The browser doing the search shows that 1 record has been found but it gets stuck there.

- Searching for other records (the vast majority) via a browser is just fine

- Searching for these "bad" records directly in FMPro is just fine

- The problem is entirely repeat-able.  Search for these specific record numbers and it always locks up.

- Once the thread is pegged, I've got to shut down IWP and kill the thread before I can even quit FMPro

- I've tried compacting the database, but this hasn't helped.  While in the locked state (when looking using Pro-10), nothing was coming up in the log files, so there wasn't much to go on there.


Any ideas?