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FM Web Publishing.exe encountered a problem and needed to close

Question asked by MichaelMoul on Aug 27, 2012
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FM Web Publishing.exe encountered a problem and needed to close



I'm running into a problem hosting a filemaker database with Filemaker Pro 12 to be accessed via IWP by a few web users.  Though I'm using Pro, hosting the database on a server that runs Windows 2003.

I'm getting a number of error messages.  The first pops up right after I've rebooted the server, and is reported in a popup window called "FM Web Publishing.exe - Application Error." The error reads "The instruction at '0x00c0da29' referenced memory at '0x00000110.  The memory could not be 'read'.  Click on OK to terminate the program; Click on CANCEL to debug the program."  I've seen that error messages like that one before, and last time it meant I needed a new computer.  I'm a little worried.

Whether I click OK or CANCEL, I can log into the server and then start up the database.  When I do so, I get an error report that says "FM Web Publising.exe encountered a problem and needed to close."  It gives me a timestamp for the error, and allows me to "click here" for more info.  This gives me the error signature, which is

  • sxAppName: FM Web Publishing.exe
  • szModName: FMEngine.dll
  • szModVer:
  • szAppVer:
  • offset:  0008da29


After dismissing the error report, everything works fine for a while.  But after a few minutes, web users can no longer log into the system.  When they navigate to the correct URL, they see the Filemaker Instant Web Publishing start up screen that lists all the files available.  But when they click on the file, nothing happens - the browswer is unable to connect.  If I reboot the server and restart filemaker, I see the same error messages, this time logging a new timestamp on the error report.

I'm not sure if this matters, but I have recently increased the number of users accessing the database over the web.  Over the past few weeks, I've been testing the database from a number of IP addresses and browsers, and asked a few other users to do the same.  Everything was fine.  On Friday, I gave access to just under 50 users, which is when the problems started.  I'm aware that only 5 users can be logged into a database hosted by FM Pro at the same time, but that doesn't seem to be the problem.  That many users don't often log in at the same time, and when they do they get the appropriate error message that says the database has reached its maximum number of web users.  

I've emailed our IT department, because the problem I'm thinking the problem might have more to do with my server hardware or OS than it does with Filemaker.  But I wanted to get forum advice as well.  I searched the forum, but couldn't find any references to this error code later than Filemaker 10.

Has anyone experienced this recently?  Any advice?