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FM WebDirect Issue: Information in Text Fields disappearing

Question asked by JonWang on May 14, 2014


FM WebDirect Issue: Information in Text Fields disappearing


     Hi, I'm pretty new to FM and am working on my first project where the client wants to use WebDirect to allow individuals to input their contact information in a simple form.  I've created the form and have it working in FM Pro 13 but we noticed an interesting bug when deploying on the FM Server with WebDirect. 

     Once a user finishes entering information in a text box and they 'tab' to the next field in the form, sometimes the information they just entered in the previous box doesn't get entered into the server.  I tried putting a scrip to commit records or refresh the window on exiting the text fields but this doesn't help.  I also noticed that the cursor and blue field selection indicator move independently when using the 'tab' key but not when using the mouse.  This might be the source of the problem but even when I try disabling the 'tab to next field' function - in the WebDirect deployment, the 'tab' key still behaves the same. 

     Any suggestions?