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    FM(S) 14 compatibility FM(S) 13



      FM(S) 14 compatibility FM(S) 13



      I have a few questions about compatibilities:

      • End users with FM 13 can access without any problem a FM file host on a FMS 14 (Local network)?

      • Does FM 14 has new functions (or options) which will not run under FM 13?

      • What FMS 14 has more than FMS 13 when the web direct and OBCD are not using (used only in local network)?

      • In other words can I continue developing in FMA 14 for my FM 13 users?

      Thank you



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          Thank you for your post.

          The file format for FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Pro 14 are the same.  Therefore, FileMaker Pro 13 users can access files hosted by FileMaker Server 14.

          There are several added features in FileMaker Pro 14 that do not exist in FileMaker Pro 13.  Those new calculation functions and script steps in FileMaker Pro 14 will be unrecognized when used with FileMaker Pro 13.

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