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FM10 ,.. seeking seconday way of doing conditonal formating

Question asked by MstrPBK on May 5, 2010
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FM10 ,.. seeking seconday way of doing conditonal formating


FIrst before I go into my question I fully admit that Conditional Formating of Feilds is as wonderus tool; and I love it dearly.  I have noticed in reality it does have some limiations. The biggest limitation is being able to format based on a secondary feild.  As in Feild X = [given state] so change Feild Y.  I am not seeing any object controls within the calcuiation interface.  Am I being too dense or just blinking and missing the obvious.


Specific Question: IS there a way to script from within a calulation an objects color?


Secondary concern about Conditional Formating is that after one enters a HSV value codes they are altered upon closing the menu to 'another set of numbers'; proven by reopneing the menu and seeing the altered change of the previous numbers.  One would think that what one has enter is what FM would record for later use.  I find this software behaviour is disturbing.