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    FM10 Advanced Runtime...



      FM10 Advanced Runtime...


      While "creating" my application, I put a lot of icons, text etc off to the right of the 'forms' that compose the applicaiton. 


      When I create my runtime applicaiton, all misc icons etc show up.  


      Quesiton: "Is it possible to give FM a directive to "NOT" include material off the form?



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          Thank you for your post.


          No, it is not possible to direct FileMaker to not include material off the form.  Whatever you put into your file is the way the FileMaker will bind the solution.  Therefore, remove the unwanted objects prior to binding the solution.



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            I like to create a blank layout and put all my unused icons, picture etc. on that page incase I ever need them again.  I suppose if you have a large amount of these on a page it will begin to increase the file size.  But, if you are only talking about a few icons/pictures/graphics, it shouldn't be a big deal.


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                 You can keep your icon library on a layout that you do not include in the where the user can see.  But, when you are in layout mode you have them.