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FM10 opens or launches slowly

Question asked by rsmcomputer on Aug 5, 2009
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FM10 opens or launches slowly


A problem I've faced since using FileMaker Pro 10 is it was taking about 60 seconds to open/launch Filemaker.  Additionally, I (and seven of my clients using this new version) would not see the FileMaker splash screen until about 45 seconds after double-clicking the program's icon (i.e. user would not get any indication that FM was starting-up).  This performance was observered on all of our Dell/HP desktop PCs, each running Windows XP Pro SP3, all with at least 512 MB RAM (some with 2 GB RAM) and 2.6 GHz - 3.4 GHz Intel P4 processors.


I finally found the cause of the slow opening: anti-malware software (Sunbelt Software's Vipre).  When I disabled  "Active Protection", FM10 took about 5-10 seconds to open, with the FM splash screen appearing after 1-2 seconds.  We ended up excluding the c:\Program Files\Filemaker folder from malware monitoring, solving the problem.