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    FM10 ProAdv  Printing issue



      FM10 ProAdv  Printing issue


      Created a layout for a certificate that fits on a half sheet of letter paper.

      I am trying to print 2 certs per page, I turned off columns in the manage layout function

      and I have deligently tried what I think are all of the other possible print modes to make it work,

      all o no avail, hence I am missing something. 

      The layout is set for no columns, I click print change to layout on the print screen  and change from 1 to 2 pages per page and

      the paper goes to landscape. I need to stay in portrait. Any ideas.


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          "I click Print..."

          Does that mean you have a button on your layout that you click to print these certificates?

          Paper orientation is controlled in Printer Setup so you can select paper orientation there, but if you are clicking a layout button, its script may use printer setup to select different settings and override the choices you make. If so, the script should be updated to use your printer setup settings.

          If you pull up your records on your certificate layout and enter preview mode, what do you see? (And you can select print setup while in preview mode to change these settings.)

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            Thanks for yur reply, it led me down a different path when you mentioned the script settings override. The size needed to be adjusted to 97%

            from 100% for scaling as the graphic being used was a hair too big to fit 2 on a letter size portrait. Simple things always are the hardest to find.


            Again thanks.