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    FM10's Email Campaign Management - never ending loop



      FM10's Email Campaign Management - never ending loop


      Using FM10 on iMac G5, OS10.4. Very new to FM.


      I am trying to use the above standard database to manage a contacts list for a community project I am invovled in. Got everybody's details in fine. Created groups, campaign templates all fine. But when I run a campaign a coupe of things happen. It produces emails correctly (addressing them by first name and inserting email in to:) for about 10 (57 contacts in database), then it misses a couple, then it does one correctly then misses a couple and so on for a bout 40 emails. Then it goes on to creat 400+ (that was the point I stopped it, see below) emails without an email address or name. The only way to stop it was to force iMac in to shutdown. Couldn't forcequit either FM or Entourage. Any ideas? All contacts have valid emails and a name in the name field.


      I have tried test sending to individual contacts via email client as above and this works fine. Only seems to foul up when I send to more than one and use the campaign.


      In the mean time I have been sending out e-mails find just using the standard STMP function sending the same unpersonalised text to each. This works fine.


      Thanks in advance.


      Jeremy Toynbee

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          Thank you for your post.


          I'm running FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 on an iMac with Mac OS X 10.5.8.  I do not have access to a Tiger (10.4.x) machine at this time.


          My default mail program is Apple Mail, and I do not have Entourage.


          I have 100 contacts in the Email Campaign Management sample file, and when I send emails via the campaign, all 100 emails are sent.


          In the "Send Campaign" script, I would temporarily enter a "Halt Script" script step just prior to the Send Mail command (near the bottom).  When the script halts, look at the values in the various fields, including Campaigns::g_Contact List_Temp, where there will be many lines of text that, in your case, should now be 56 separate lines.  Since this loop is not stopping, somehow the g_Contacts List_Temp is never becoming empty.


          Let me know if you are still having difficulty.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thanks for the response and apologies for taking so long to reply - we had a baby over Xmas and life rather hectic. I recently treated myself to a copy of Prosser & Coffey's Filemaker Pro 10: The missing manual and with that have set up my own DB and am now emailing from that successfully. When I get a mo I will go back to the original file and do what you suggest, just to find out what was going wrong.


            Best wishes