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FM10, 11 Toolbar at TOP is a bad layout for widescreen

Question asked by R12GS on Mar 26, 2010
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FM10, 11 Toolbar at TOP is a bad layout for widescreen


Yes this seems a big step backward with FM10 and FM11, is does not align with the new hardware.


LEFT toolbar is necessary for MODERN wide screens.  It would be preferable to return to FM9 style of LEFT toolbar ONLY ---- to accommodate modern computer screens.


And switchable to TOP would be good feature, but first, make default on the LEFT side.


Another post commented on this but I suppose it did not get any traction due to the subject title (FileMaker they listen) not interesting or searchable.  I hope my post gets someones attention or resurrects this complaint.  If not maybe some of you forum-pros can suggest a title that will get noticed.

(FileMaker they listen?)


It's a lot of work to change all of my layouts to accommodate a "bad idea".  It is my hope that FM11 will be restored to the LEFT SIDE -------> and save me this work.  As it is now, avoiding updating so I won't have to change all the layouts is the more attractive option.  But I'm missing out on offering lots of new FM11 functions.  It's a Quandary.