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FM10Pro / IWP / Going CRAZY!

Question asked by k2qo_1 on Mar 10, 2009
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FM10Pro / IWP / Going CRAZY!


Hi Gang,


I upgraded to FM Pro 10 and downloaded the IWP update. My goal is to access a small DB remotely from 2 remote sites. The setup is thus:


2 newer iMacs running 10.5.6 wired to an ActionTec modem/router which is fed by FiOS. I've instructed the router to forward ports 591 and 80 to the iMac with FM. In FM I've enabled file sharing, and IWP on port 591. So, this address is and my iMac has a static IP of So far so good.


Now, when I type into my web browser on any of the remote machines which are on other networks across the internet, I get a progress bar that hangs and never connect. 


I have Remote Desktop access to the computer with the DB so I can make all necessary changes and test from my MacBook Pro. 


Any ideas?




Clarence, NY