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    FM11 - Conditional Value Lists



      FM11 - Conditional Value Lists


      Hello All,

      I have a problem with getting my conditional value list to work correctly.

      My FM database is setup as follows:

      Tables (3):

      Orders Table - Primary Key, kp_OrderID, Foreign Keys, kf_ManufID and kf_MaterialID

      Manufacturers Table - Primary Key, kp_ManufID

      Materials Table - Primary Key, kp_MaterialID, kf_ManufID

      (Join is based via the Orders Table's Foreign Keys to each of the other tables's primary keys, Add Records via this Relationship is selected)

      Desired Functionality:

      When on the Order Form the user will first choose a Manufacturer from a drop-down menu. This list is based on all records found in the Manufacturer's table. The drop down menu selection is stored in the kf_ManufID field which is on the Order Form. Next, and this is where I am having some trouble, the user will proceed to select a Material (Part Number) from a drop down list assigned to the field kf_MaterialID on the Order Form. It is desired that the value list assigned to this field would display only those materials belonging to the manufacturer selected from the previous drop down menu.

      For some simple reason I am sure, this just doesn't work - the value list for the materials is always blank irregardless which manufacturer you select from the previous field.

      Any input would be much appreciated - thanks in advance!

      [Sketch attached for Reference]


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          Dave Graham

          The reason why your value list isn't working is probably because of an incorrectly defined value list. Check to make sure that:

          1. "Use values from" shows the correct related table occurrence: Orders-->Manufacturers-->Materials
          2. The option to "Include only related values starting from" should reflect Orders. 

          Other observations:

          1. The relationship as sketched would create a circular reference, which isn't allowed. 
          2. The selection of manufacturer/materials should be done in the order line items to allow for orders from multiple manufacturers.

          - dg