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FM11 ActiveX Automation With C++

Question asked by klein on Jul 26, 2012
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FM11 ActiveX Automation With C++


Dear forum

Can anybody provide me with some sample project (or even a manual) of how to automate Filemaker via MS Visual C++ or preferably Borland C++-Builder 6.0?

I've spent quite a few hours on this now and have been partly successful, i.e. I'm able to launch a specific FM-DB or quit/set visibility of FM application. However, I still couldn't manage to run a script from a DB or do other actions on document level.

Any help is very much appreciated, thank you very much!

PS: I'd also be interested in a VBScript example that runs a FM script, if this is possible in VBS at all.. It would help me to figure out, whether my C++ code is bad or rather something with the activeX registration or the FM db.

Used software:
Win XP Pro SP3
FM Pro Advanced 11 v3
Borland C++-Builder v6