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FM11 Charts

Question asked by dgoldst2 on Mar 22, 2010
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FM11 Charts


I am trying to create a simple line chart with two variables (Y1,Y2) displayed as ordinates against a common abcissa (X).  I find there is little useful documentation.

I created a small test database with three numeric fields and populated the records with small integers.  I sorted on one field and then tried to generate a chart with the sorted field used as the X axis.  I set up the Y1 and Y2 fields as Y axis variables and tried to generate a polyline plot with a legend.  I found no way to  move the legend off to one side where it "typically appears", and the labels assigned in the legend were instances of field values and NOT field names.


Has anyone found useful documentation or seen a similar result?  I wonder about the other chart types but have not yet tried them.....