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    FM11 email smtp problem



      FM11 email smtp problem



      The settings seem straight forward however I keep getting an error? "Email cannot be sent successfully"

      I am using "smtp.gmail.com" my user name and password are correct and the port is 465 (from the gmail suggection). email from my browser works correctly so I am not sure what is missing? I have read some post regarding checking that the port is working? this confuses me because gmail works from the browser using the same port. 

      Thanks for any suggestions!

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          I ran a test using Savvy Data interrogation  

          Elapsed time: 0:00:00


          Out of 1 iterations,

          1 failed and 0 succeeded. 


          Unsuccessful count by Error#:


          Error# 1501: 0

          Error# 1502: 1

          Error# 1503: 0

          Error# 1504: 0

          Error# 1505: 0

          Error# 1506: 0

          Error# 1507: 0

          Other (not tracked): 0


          Error# Legend:


          1501 SMTP authentication failed

          1502 Connection refused by SMTP server  (Why is this happening? All the passwords and names are correct? is this a google thing or my service provider?)

          1503 Error with SSL

          1504 SMTP server requires the connection to be encrypted

          1505 Specified authentication is not supported by SMTP server

          1506 Email(s) could not be sent successfully

          1507 Unable to log in to the SMTP server