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FM11 Menu bar duplicates the 'Format' menu

Question asked by stevenmoody on Oct 16, 2013


FM11 Menu bar duplicates the 'Format' menu


     Hi All

     I have an issue where a client of ours is running Mac OS 10.8.4 and we have recently installed FileMaker 11 Pro on his machine with the V4 patch.

     He has two databases which he has open at the same time. The problem is that when ever he minimizes one of the database's it seems to duplicate the menu bars 'Format' menu and continues to do this each time an open database is minimized. This is just using the standard menu bar in FileMaker and no custom menus are used.

     I have tried removing FileMaker along with the preferences as instructed in the support post ( ) and then reinstalling this but no luck and the issue still persists.


     Does anyone have any ideas??