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FM11 Runtime scripted imports very slow

Question asked by ralvy on Jun 21, 2010
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FM11 Runtime scripted imports very slow


I have a solution that has no FM11-specific features, so I can build its runtime with either FM10 or FM11 without a problem. I notice a tremendous difference in time it takes a scripted import to complete when the runtime is built with FM11. I'm talking about an import that might take a couple of seconds with the runtime built with FM10, that takes maybe 30 seconds or more with the runtime built with FM11.


The import is done when the user receives a new version of the runtime. It imports their old data into the solution. At quick glance, it appears that the slowness is only present when the runtime engine runs the solution, not when the solution is run by FMPA. I can get more specifics later if nobody has experienced this and it's not a known problem.


Anyone else notice this?